Moving your office can be new fresh start for your company

The topic of office relocation is always met with mixed
emotions: it’s an exciting time, a sign of change and
progression, but if you’re the one handling the move,
it can also be a hugely stressful period, with plenty to
worry about.

From the big issues, like the impact on staff and clients, to the smaller problems, like updating business cards, office relocation is a job that has to be handled efficiently, effectively and holistically. Implementing a successful move is all about the finer details. Get the initial planning stages done correctly, and the rest will fall into place. The risks of skipping through this stage with minimal care will have a ripple effect on the rest of the move – and can have huge consequences for the company. To ensure that your office relocation gets off to the best possible start, engage the help of professionals who deal with this on a daily basis. Here at DC&T, we’re specialists in the field, and can help make the transition into your new office as smooth as possible.

When the idea of office relocation first emerges, it can be tempting to start rushing in head first, searching for new properties and booking viewings.

While this is an exciting process, it has to be taken slowly to ensure that you have minimal disruption to both your business and your staff, and to make your transition seamless.

Consider the basics:

What are your company’s long term plans?
How will this effect where you move to?
Who will be in charge of the move on your side?
Are you definitely looking to relocate – or would a be more suitable?
Where are your key customers and member of staff based?
What sort of transport links do you need?
Are the aesthetics of the building important?
What essentials do you need in a building, and what can you do without?

There are many more questions and scenarios to consider, all of which can be discussed with one of our project managers. When carrying out an office relocation with us, you will be given one point of contact, helping to streamline the entire process. Your point of contact will quickly get to know your business’s needs and preferences, and establish a solid working base.

Finding the right specialist

It’s important to have a relocation specialist that you can trust and rely on. They need to know your likes and dislikes, your essential requirements and our would-like-to-haves. They will be the ones handling a big stepping stone in your company’s history, making it vital that you choose the right person and the right company. Here at DC&T you can rely on over two decades of experience, a wealth of knowledge, a host of knowledgeable, proactive staff and a can-do, will-do attitude to see our clients from the initial planning stages to the final handover. We do everything we can to ensure your journey is stress-free, and will complete your relocation on time and within budget. We provide you with a detailed project programme from start to finish, so you know what to expect and when. All aspects of office relocation are handled by us, including electrical and mechanical works, IT and furniture installation, and security.

Your new office

Whether you have a concrete idea of what you want, or just a vague inkling, we can help you. We’ll assess your current building and the implications of our organisation leaving the property. This spans from working day disruption to helping staff, as well as everything in between, like IT equipment, set up and office furniture. After getting to know your fundamental needs and property essentials, we’ll get to work on searching for somewhere suitable. Once we have a shortlist, we’ll be able to highlight the pros and cons of each building, including financial implications, before assisting in the selection process. Thanks to our years of experience, we know what to point out in every case, and will always ask the questions you need to hear.

We can also help you with all the suppliers and bodies involved in the move: from electricity providers to stationery deliveries, we can help you manage the transferral and keep them updated on your situation. From one-site food, water and coffee, to washrooms, plants and relaxation areas, we can ensure your new property is perfectly suited for you and your staff from day on. We’ll help you with the air conditioning, heating, lighting and shading, as well as alarms and security. Any communication systems, from telephones, VoIP and cabling to audio and visual demands will be organised, ensuring your first day in the new office can be as productive as ever.

Staff morale

Office relocation can be a daunting prospect for your staff, so it’s essential to keep everyone well-informed with regular communication. Start early in order to dispel any rumours and avoid members of staff worrying unnecessarily. If you’d prefer an outside body to assist with staff matters, we can step  in. It’s often easier for a removed body to help manage staff, as it makes the process more proactive and consultative. Asking your staff their opinions and thoughts will help the process to run smoothly, with all bodies of the company feeling valued and taken into consideration. Office relocation doesn’t have to be stressful, and working with us at DC&T means it won’t be. We’ll offer you a tailor-made programme, designed to suit your needs, budget and timescale. The transition to your new property will be seamless, with minimal disruption to your business or your staff.