Discover how refrubishing your office can motivates your people

An office redesign is a great opportunity for organisations to revitalise and empower their hole business and to reduce the cost related with occupancy

A redesign can provide all the benefits of a new office without the cost or complications of moving. As well as giving your business a better, more suitable space for staff to reach their full potential, our tried and tested methodology does it all while you’re still at your desk.

Our approach hinges on project managing our supply chain to ensure that we deliver you new, refurbished office on time and on budget. We work with only the very best suppliers and sub-contractors so you can focus on managing your business, knowing we’re managing everything else.

Building appraisals

An informed appraisal will establish whether a refurbishment of an existing building is a better option than moving to a new property.

For companies with an extensive real estate portfolio, it can highlight the potential for consolidation. For those projects in which relocation is clearly the best option, the appraisal process will establish some of the key requirements of the new building including location and the amount and type of space needed. You can draw on our skills and resources in project management, planning, environmental assessment, cost management and knowledge of the commercial property market to support you. We will help you assess each option in terms of key building features such as building services and infrastructure to ensure a seamless transition to a new or refurbished workplace.

Include in our workplace design solutions is the ability to provide the finest
quality 3D visualization, wich allows you to view your completed office interior
design in the closest detail, including finishes, colours, lighting and corporate

Future Design Office

We will determine not only your office space requirement but also identify how you can improve its efficiency and the way your organization and people operate. We will generate mood boards, detailed floor plans and walkthroughs to help you visualize and develop ideas with us and show you how the future design proofs your business.

Our Support

At the start of the project, we work with you to comprehensively understand your business and objectives so we can determine what you need from a refurbished office. The team then appraises the buildings and your space, including all of the mechanical and electrical systems, before designing and fitting out your new office.