Space Planning& Design

Our goal is to make economic use of real estate and drive down occupancy costs. Helping you to select the right space, we will design and develop detailed space plans to define where everyone will be located and ensure that your business will operate with maximum efficiency. With office design that matches you culture we create working environment that stimulates and motivates your employees.

We recommend a test-fit space plan for all buildings that your company is considering moving in to. This will ensure that your employees fit into space, but we will also indicate whether the space has potential for expansion or not. In addition to this, we will provide statistical data to allow your company to make an informed commercial comparison between shortlisted properties.

Space Planning& Technology

With the development of new technology which has considerable impact on how people work, communicate and perform their daily job activities, it is very important to adjust modern space planning concept by connecting with existing IT infrastructure, digital technology and workforce.

Integrated Software

With Integrated Space Management Solutions you can analyze and create different types of space planning scenarios which can support your organization with more efficient future decision making, better cost control and smart reorganization.

Connecting office space, people and digital technology

  • appoint which departments have more need for using digital technology
  • analyze existing IT infrastructure and how it is connected with people and office space
  • estimate how will technology be adjusted in new office space design
  • make an assessment of how much will implementing technology in new office design concept cost
  • enable people access with easy handling of digital technology and IT infrastructure in new office space
  • enabling IT support for mobile workers