Space Management Software

Every facility manager is fully aware that space, like time, is money. Without adequate space at the right time, an organization can hardly achieve its business goals. The challenge is particularly acute in situations of sudden growth or shrinkage, frequent relocations or mergers. This is tightly linked to asset decisions around lease, buy, or build, and contract extension.

Make the best use of every square meter of your space

Part of our industry-recognized facility management suite, myMCS Space management software is an effective solution for optimizing and tracking an organization’s spatial needs and uses. Seamlessly integrated with myMCS Drawing, it benefits from automatic updating of drawings whenever data is modified. Enhanced with smart planning, forecasting, monitoring and allocation capabilities, MCS’ space management software helps organizations proactively respond to the day-to-day challenges in space management and office space planning:

  • automation of the space management policy
  • assessing current space allocation and usage
  • optimizing space usage and leasing needs
  • planning for upcoming space needs
  • spotting and resolving space allocation conflicts
  • encouraging effective use of corporate space

Benefits of myMCS Space

  • Full visibility into space capacity, occupancy, allocations, and chargeback
  • Monitoring and enhancing efficiency of space use
  • Achieving the best match between space needs and space availability
  • Automatic update and enhanced visualization of space related data (usage, surface, etc.) with the help of as-built drawings
  • Integration with BIM (Building information models) and GIS (Geographic information systems)
  • Compliance with EN15221-6, DIN 277 and ISO 9836 measurement standards for space classification