Having a detailed picture of how your current space
is used and occupied could make the difference
between staying or moving office to another location

Knowing how your office space is used and understanding the way people work and collaborate is a very important information for future workplace strategy. Even with company growth and need for reorganization by bigger or smaller office, it is not always necessary thinking about relocation to the new office space.  With our Strategic space analysis we can support you with valuable information which can gives you a excellent review  for better utilization of current office space.

Right information is a key for making every decision

With a detailed picture of how your
organization functions, we develop a
strategy that will identify:

  • Space standards-an agreed amount of space for each job function and department
  • The exact amount of space you need including future growth or consolidation
  • Workstyles and corporate culture
  • Reducing occupancy cost
  • The image your company needs to convey
  • Connecting space and people with new technology
  • A budget for the project
  • Enabling space zones for individual, team and collaborative work
  • Technical requirements for IT and mehanical&eletrical systems

Space allocation by department

Should it be necessary for you to relocate, we communicate the Strategy to our Commercial agent, including the size and number of floors you will require. Commercial agents rely on our involvement as our Space Analysis gives them the correct information which means they only source buildings that match your needs.