Finding a office space which suits your workspace needs and corporate culture
is an excellent opportunity for implementing
a new Workplace Strategy.

Exploring the commercial Real Estate market can be stressful and challenging for organizations and their employees. In this stage it is very important to have right information about available office space that matches your budget, location and your expectations. For implementing a good and sustainable Workplace Strategy, locating office space in a commercial building is one of the most important and crucial things in the process.

In order to achieve the best results on the project, our team who is specialized for Commercial Real Estate can help you to find the office space which will entirely suits your needs and long term goals. We also take full support and responsibility for exploring the commercial real estate market by focusing on finding the office space which will fully correspond with our analysis of your space needs, office concept  and business strategy.

Making a right decision about your future office space

Important considerations
when leasing office space

You are at a point in your business where you need a change. Whether you need more office space or less, changes are difficult, but they are a vital part of growing or maintaining your business. That’s why it is so important to make a good decision when leasing an office space. While there are many elements to consider, make sure to keep these 3 in mind when looking into offices.


When choosing a location, you have to think about the future of the area. You need to know if the neighborhood is declining, on the rise, or at its peak. You also need to think about the convenience. Will it be easy for customers to find you? Can you attract new customers with your location? How many businesses in the area are similar to yours? If there are any, what makes you stand out?

Space Needs

Think about how much space you really need. How much space will you need in 1 year or 3 years? You don’t want to spend extra money on a bunch of unused space, but you want to have enough to grow into. How much does the office cost per square meter? What is the load factor, the space you pay for but is not usable? Can you afford the rent and deposit without worry? Style and design is also a factor when deciding on how much room you need. Is there a tenant improvement allowance from the landlord? These are just a handful of items to consider regarding you space needs

Internet and Telecommunication Service Providers

Most companies need a good internet connection and a phone system to adequately run their business. It’s important to make sure that area gets good reception to keep everything running smoothly. You should also do some research on which companies services that district. The last thing you want to find out after you have signed a lease is that you can’t get the services you need. Also, make sure to allow enough time to get the equipment up and running.