Occupancy cost&benchmarking

Office space and your Real Estate can potentially
become strategic resource with the hidden cost

There is always a big issue how much space do we really need. But  maybe even more important question for organizations is how much office space do we really use? Finding the wright balance between required space standards and usable amount of office space is one of the strategic topics that companies has to consider to be more efficient and having better cost control of their Real Estate.

We develop excellent tools and measurement techniques that give us a great opportunity to know if your office space is usable enough and if the monthly cost of your office, people and facility corresponds with the entire space and income per employees.

We also put a lot of effort and research to understand your history occupancy cost and benchmarking your related cost with the competition. That can gives you a great review for better planning of your space and decision making about your future Real Estate.

Space efficiency solutions:

Providing flexible space, furniture and fittings that can be used for different activities

Specifying design features that allow different activities at different times

Optimizing space standards for effective work

Optimizing furniture sizes for effective work

Providing wireless data access and mobile technology to enable occasional use of common space

Adjust office space for different types of workforce (mobile workers, knowledge workers, administration)

Provide hoteling and hot desk solutions for mobile workers

Smart planning and designing of open space concept