Workplace consulting

Does your current workplace encourage intelligent and efficient working?

Today’s organizations are ever changing complex entities and to remain competitive they must be ready to grow, change or diversify, sometimes at short notice, always with the aim to meet long and short term business goals.

A good workplace strategy will allow all of these things and will be flexible enough to adapt to any change when required. The strategy may facilitate many business objectives; reduce property costs, maintain and improve business performance, relocation or consolidation of space or buildings and merging organizations and cultures. Typically the workplace strategy will provide the answers in implementing organizational change when having to much or not enough space.

In order to get the most out of your office space and employees, you need to provide a working environment that ensures your business is operating at peak performance. Therefore DC&T can help you with analysis of your current workplace, people and technology, in order to implement a long term workplace strategy that fit for your business.

Our team of workplace consultants will observe your business by performing a full space survey, including technology requirements, workforce and how future trends could impact on your workplace design.

We will collate information about your workplace through a Workplace Analysis Process (WAP), which is an analytical toolset for the modern office space. These findings will provide a snapshot of the key business statistics, drivers and deliverables in relation to the building envelope and constraints. If approached correctly a workplace design optimization strategy can open doors to many exciting opportunities and benefits for your company.

Our six stage office design and build process will ensure that the workplace we design understand your business strategy and meets the requirements of your workforce