Meeting&room scheduling app

The myMCS reservation management system
ensures an optimal meeting and visitor experience

Seamless meeting management and reception services are essential to improve user experience and workplace performance, and to portray a positive brand image to visitors. By centrally managing the reservation of meeting rooms, equipment and services, large organizations can optimize resource usage in real time across the entire building portfolio.

This easy-to-use meeting management software:

Provides workers a ‘one stop shop’ to book meeting space, equipment and related services through Outlook, web or mobile

Allows to check room availability in real time and avoid all types of meeting conflicts

Enables mobile workers to book and manage reservations on the go from their own smartphone

Allows the efficient management of ‘no-shows’ and optimizes room occupancy

Optimize space and resource usage with
myMCS meeting management software

myMCS integrated reservations and meeting management software is a highly configurable best-practice solution, used by large organizations around the world to centrally manage reservations and reception services. myMCS Meetings & Reservations is part of an overarching software platform that covers the entire value chain of real estate, workplace and facilities management.

myMCS integrated reservation and meeting management software provides workplace and facility managers insight into their organization’s space and resource usage. It supports the analysis of cost and performance, automates cost allocation and chargebacks, and helps you anticipate space requirements.

As an FM/workplace manager you will be able to:

  • Get a single view on the availability, cost and usage of all reservable spaces
  • Maximize space occupancy
  • Integrate with sensors to track real-time occupancy for visitor guidance, as well as trend analysis of actual space usage

This integrated reservation software supports you
to provide an optimal meeting experience with
efficient room occupancy and FM services

Enhanced user experience
Booking made easy (web, mobile app, MS Outlook, meeting room display)
Improved visitor handling (easy badges and announcements, self check-in to reduce waiting, visibility on billboards, hospitality quality monitoring)

Occupancy and efficiency
Monitor actual room usage;
Optimize the meeting room mix
Cost allocation and chargeback;
Efficient reception operations
Integration with occupancy sensors for accurate, real-time occupancy tracking

FM services for meeting
Clear instructions for catering and cleaning;
Efficient handling of changes and exceptions
Drive efficiency through sensor-based work triggers;
Cost chargeback

Get a high level view of your meeting and room scheduling operations using MCS on your desktop. Run reports for a full view of room and resource utilization.


Use MCS to publish meeting information and floor plans to a touchscreen kiosk located in a common area or lobby for employees and visitors to find their way.


Find and book an available workspace using MCS  on the web. Use the floor plan for a visual way to find and book meeting room.


Find available meeting rooms and book any necessary resources all within Microsoft Outlook.


Find and book, check in or cancel meeting reservation  anytime, anywhere using MCS on your mobile device.