MCS software

We enable organizations to take
control of their real estate through the
integrated myMCS software suite.

Integrated Workplace Management Solutions (IWMS)

myMCS is a modular IWMS software platform that integrates core functional areas in real estate, facility and workplace management. A solution that allows organizations to get in control of their building portfolio and to create synergies between real estate, smart working and facility management.

The MCS software suite of integrated modules and apps covers the entire value chain of real estate, workplace and facility management. The web based software has a number of easy to configure modules that provide users with the flexibility to tailor their configuration, manage their data and create their own reports.

Role centric mobile apps provide seamless integration with the relevant modules and underlying database. these apps enable employees, experts and building managers to access useful data across a variety of digital devices, to manage workflows on the go, and complete tasks faster and better.

With our innovative IWMS technology, we can create
new user scenarios across your facilities, real estate
and workplace management services

Advantages of myMCS solutions

  • Powerful visualization of space related data
  • Centralized database providing a ‘single source of truth’
  • Integration with hardware (energy meters, Internet of Things, sensors)
  • Integration with other enterprise applications through standard web services
  • Multi-disciplinary – enabling new user scenarios across different domains (RE/FM/Workplace)
  • Embedded best practices
  • Fast deployment (myMCS Smart Start)
  • Standard software (no custom coding)
  • Highly configurable (user defined fields and flows)
  • Embedded knowledge of leading domain experts
  • Flexible do-it-yourself reporting
  • KPI mapping, monitoring, and benchmarking with industry best practices
  • Advanced analytics integrating loT big data (sensor, positioning)