With Activity Based Office Optimization we can bring future in your office space

With our new ABOOT solution
we can design an activity based
workplace by measuring the
actual way of working.

This innovative office solution represents a new revolution for companies and their people. Now companies can make real data measurement and have exact information about How people use, communicate and collaborate in office environment, which can help for better decision making and cost control related with the office space and square meters. This solution is a excellent tool for companies who needs to make decision about future relocation, reorganization of current office or more efficient workplace strategy.

Measure the actual way of working and use this data to optimize the office space

This approach consists of measuring the activity:

  • using a tablet
  • every 30 minutes, at least 12 times a day vs. 2-4, which directly reduces the error when defining the organization’s space needs
  • measuring at all formal and informal work/meeting spaces
  • identifying the participants by team or individual badges

With ABOOT, we bring a proven methodology to assess your office activities on the ground and calculate your space requirements.

Benefits of ABOOT

  • Opportunities for improving both the user experience and cost efficiency
  • Can become a company template to roll out across your organization
  • Increases flexibility to adapt to organizational changes
  • Discover the optimal mix of space types tailored to your activities
  • Proven methodology based on substantiated quantitative data 
  • Focus around team-specific needs and roles