Smart Buildings and the Internet of Real Estate Things: from hype to value

Managing a building portfolio requires decision making based on the actual operational performance of buildings. Too often these decisions are based on manual or summary data, which doesn’t always reflect reality. Without reliable data and consistent feedback, facilities…

Knowing the surface area and costs of your real estate portfolio

Every so often that dreaded meeting comes up – you know what we’re talking about, the one where you get asked the hard questions, such as:

User satisfaction: from managing the workplace to managing user experience

There is overwhelming evidence that the workplace environment – the office building – impacts the health, well-being and productivity of its occupants. Sodexo/RICS 2015 research for example confirmed that an improved working environment…

The open office is dead, long live the open office!

Some of us are not big fans of the open office concept, obviously, but it is here to stay.