Space, like time, is money. How can an organization optimize its need for space, while at the same time creating a workplace concept that improves user experience and organizational agility?

Optimize the use of workplace resources with
an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

Running on a central database, myMCS Workplace is an integrated workplace management software that supports you to:

  • Keep track of workplace spaces, assets and associated costs across multiple sites
  • Monitor and optimize space occupancy and usage of resources
  • Create an effective, activity-based workplace, aligned with your organization’s changing business needs

It also provides:

  • Best-practice support for all workplace related processes – with configuration of business rules to tailor the solution to your organization’s needs
  • Multi-level integration to BIM, GIS, and occupancy sensors

An integrated workplace management system
drives better informed decision making

Take advantage of the abilities of myMCS workplace management software:

  • Structures and stores all space and workplace related data in a central repository
  • Provides dynamic data visualization on drawings – with automatic updating of floor plans when data is modified
  • Allows cost allocation integrated with accounting
Easy to work with

myMCS Workplace is also fully integrated with meeting management and reservations software that improves your personnel’s control over the way they choose to work. myMCS Meetings & Reservations enables employees to book meeting rooms and other resources through Outlook, web or mobile app. Workplace managers can then optimally manage meeting room occupancy and associated visitor handling and facility services.

myMCS Workplace is used by large private and public organizations throughout the world to drive workplace performance. It is a part of an overarching software platform that covers the entire value chain of real estate, workplace and facility management.

Optimize the workplace experience through
efficient space occupancy and project management
with myMCS Workplace

Space Optimize space allocation and occupancy
User experience Enable an optimal user experience in workplace
Project management Efficiently manage projects for refurbishments and moves