myMCS Real Estate, the integrated solution for commercial and corporate real estate management, enables insight into real estate portfolio performance. The software allows real estate managers to get the most value out of their buildings, in alignment with business strategy

Commercial real estate software

Commercial real estate managers aim for a stable portfolio performance while keeping their assets flexible and marketable. Running on a central database, myMCS commercial real estate software supports them to:

  • Inventorize and proactively manage hundreds – or even thousands lease contracts
  • Automate financial processes (rental payments, price escalation and indexation, variable rent and concessions, settlement of service charges)
  • Gain insight into costs, yield and occupancy (tracking and forecasting)

Corporate real estate software

CREs are faced with the challenge to align their organization’s portfolio with continuously changing business needs (mergers and acquisitions, locations, satellite offices, etc.) and new ways of working (flexible space, digital and physical workplace, mobile working).
The myMCS solution for corporate real estate management helps CREs bring agility to the building portfolio and take informed asset decisions – to ultimately have fewer and better buildings:

  • Gain insight into total cost of housing
  • fficiently manage lease in/out contracts
  • Analyze occupancy and increase workspace efficiency

myMCS Real Estate also integrates with related myMCS solutions for:

Maximize the operational, financial and technical
performance of your real estate portfolio with
myMCS real estate management software

Property Take informed asset decisions (refurbish, expand, buy, build, sell, leaseback)
Space Plan and benchmark space usage
Contracts Centrally managelease contracts (revisions, conditions, charges, renewals), automate cost allocation of rent and charges manage variable rent and concessions
Projects Plan and track refurbishing and other projects
Costs Gain insight into all costs (rent, projects, maintenance, energy, utilities)
Maintenance Forecast realistic multi-year maintenance budget; Ensure legal compliance Energy Meter
Energy Meter and benchmark energy consumption