A good asset management strategy in real estate and facility management is all about balanced decision making, with the objective to minimize the whole-life cost of assets and optimize their performance and delivery of value for your organization. This requires being able to track, manage and report on assets over the different stages of their life cycle.

Keep track of your asset inventory

Part of the integrated myMCS software platform, myMCS Asset management software supports the process of procuring, deploying, tracking, relocating, replacing and disposing of physical assets cost-effectively. It allows you to easily create, assign, visualize on plans, search and move multiple assets, and report on asset usage and history.

Import drawings and visualize assets on interactive plans

Advanced myMCS Drawing technology enables importing plans and assets from CAD whereby all aspects of the graphical drawing are stored as intelligent database objects in myMCS. Whenever assets are modified on plans, this is reflected in the database.

Benefits of myMCS Asset

  • Freely define your own asset types and categories with their own (UDI) fields
  • Import office (asset) layouts from CAD and store as database objects
  • Visualize assets as intelligent objects on interactive plans
  • Easily move assets (drag and drop on floor plans, or use overview/navigator)
  • Quickly create multiple assets (named or anonymous) and asset configurations
  • Visualize search results with highlights on plans
  • Seamlessly integrate asset management with other myMCS modules (Space management software, Maintenance management software, Contract, Financials, etc.)